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The leading make-up school in Scotland, renowned for educating a new, specialist breed of artist.

Learn all about GlamCandy featuring a personal view from Julian Kynaston, founder of Illamasqua and now co-owner of GlamCandy.

GlamCandy burst on to the scene in 2011, led by the highly talented Hayley Brown who caught my eye during the early years of Illamasqua. It was clear to me that Hayley and her team bowed to no one; they embraced the digital influence of Instagram and other social platforms unlike any other make-up school I had visited. Their competitors branded them ‘too now’, but as fashion continues to move and re-invent itself over and over, is that even possible? Like other creative industries, the techniques of make-up artistry must advance to ensure they remain relevant both professionally and culturally.

For me a GlamCandy accreditation is worth so much more then a piece of paper and the team are unashamedly proud of their success. They were the very first school to deliver an SQA accreditation, but every student realises that an accreditation from GlamCandy is invaluable. They are able to learn from some of the finest technical make-up artists in the industry with real, relevant experience across multiple mediums, as well as benefit from GlamCandy’s strategic partnerships with leading professional brands such as Illamasqua, Kryolan, Caudalie and most recently Karla Powell.

But it is the passion and knowledge combined with those expert techniques that truly drove my desire to be a part of its story. They have helped to create a new breed of make-up artists who are fearlessly educated, fearlessly prepared and fearlessly confident to lead long-lasting successful careers.

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