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Airstroke Makeup Brushes Review

Do you ever wonder just how the stunning makeup looks that you see online are created? The truth is, it’s not just about the products you use – but rather the tools and techniques. Recently, I’ve been putting the GlamCandy Airstroke Pro Brushes to the test in a bid to step up my makeup game. With the innovative ‘Airstroke’ technology ensuring super-soft fibres, this set boasts 13 synthetic, cruelty-free brushes – the perfect tools for a full face of flawless makeup.

Airstroke Makeup Brushes Review GlamCandy

The set consists of 6 face brushes and 7 eye brushes, my immediate opinion is they are sleek, slim and easy to handle. I can instantly tell that they are of good quality, the fibres are super-soft and do not shed their hairs. At first glance they may look simple, but have been designed with professional artistry in mind.

The eye brushes have dense bristles, allowing you to achieve precise brow, liner and eyeshadow application. The larger brushes feel fluffier, dispersing product nicely without looking streaky or heavy-handed. The slim handles mean they are an ideal size for professionals to scoop out product hygienically, they also wash nicely and keep their shape well.

I’ve comprised my top 5 from this set to help you use these brushes to the best of their abilities:


Airstroke Makeup Brushes Review GlamCandy

This brush is ideal for use in the hollows of the cheekbones for a natural-looking contour, or for lightly sweeping on bronzer and blush.





Airstroke Makeup Brushes Review GlamCandy

This more petite brush with those long fluffy fibres, ideal for applying highlighter on the top of the cheekbones and nose or for a precise blush application.




Airstroke Makeup Brushes Review GlamCandy

This must-have eyeshadow brush, perfect for blending out harsh lines or applying highlighter to the browbone. Alternatively, it can be used to sweep all-over colour to the lid for an easy everyday eye look.



Airstroke Makeup Brushes Review GlamCandy

This brush is perfect for a more precise eyeshadow application to the outer corners of the eye or along the lash line. The dense bristles allow you to pack colour on and the rounded shape of the brush mean you can buff and blend out the edges with ease – perfect for a smoked-out eye look.


Airstroke Makeup Brushes Review GlamCandy

I use this brush to apply my brow powder, allowing me to carve clean lines for a tidy-looking brow. It can also be used to apply eyeliner on the waterline (tightlining) or to create a sharp liner wing.



There is a brush for your every need in this set, with many brushes being multipurpose – you can make-up the entire face using them with ease. For me, these are a great replacement for some of my older, more worn out brushes and feature some welcome additions to my kit.

These brushes are available to purchase individually – perfect if you’re not ready to make a full commitment yet! You won’t be paying for gimmicky packaging, just great quality brushes!

The full set retails for £135 and can be purchased online here.

By Tracy Lee

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