Abby Morrison – Student Success

In GlamCandy we have an array of talented students who constantly impress us with their development throughout their HNC course.

Abby Morrisson is our Dunfermline HNC student with a clear passion for make-up artistry and her skills evidentially portray that.

Abby currently works part-time in a sunbed shop and practises make-up at the weekend. Currently, she specialises in glam make-up but does want to expand her portfolio and branch out to do as much varied make-up work as possible.


In the beginning, Abby thought to come onto the HNC that the main focus would be on Glam make-up which is what usually everyone wants. Now her opinion on make-up has completely changed.

Abby states: “ I love all the different types we do, from runway to classic 20th century. I love how challenging the course can be.

We are encouraged to be more creative and think outside the box, which is exactly what artistry needs!”



The best piece of advice that I’ve learned from GlamCandy is that you have as much freedom as possible to be as creative as you want to be. There are no boundaries in make-up!

Abby’s favourite part of the course is learning lots of new techniques from her tutors. She says that everyone works differently and it is good to see the nothing has to be done in a certain way or order.

Abby’s most useful piece of advice for make-up is: “if a product or a technique isn’t working for you, don’t abandon it. Try a different brush, a different technique.

You’ll find a way that works for you, don’t give up”


After the course, Abby would love to get out there and get as much experience in different areas o the make-up industry as possible. She would love to pass the knowledge that she has learned through GlamCandy onto others, either with 1-2-1 masterclasses or progressing into a tutor during my career.

Abby said: “ I have taken a lot to inspiration from everyone wj works within GlamCandy.”

To anyone hesitant on joining the HNC, Abby’s piece of advice is to absolutely go for it!

Abby states: “It is the best thing I have ever done, I absolutely love it! It has motivated me to do what I love and do as much as I possibly can with it.

I really recommend studying with GlamCandy. It may be challenging but in a good way.

All make-up artists need a challenge, it makes us true make-up artists.”

In GlamCandy we pride ourselves in the amount of commitment each one of our members of staff gives to the students and their learning.

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We can’t wait to write about all of our students’ success stories just like Abby’s.

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