Ashleigh Kirk – Student Success

Student successes in GlamCandy are a common occurrence, especially since our Student Development Director, Claire Stead was employed.

Claire’s role in GlamCandy is to support the HNC students through every stage of their course and also helps them to gain employment at the end of their studies.


Our recent success story is from one of our Dunfermline students, Ashleigh Kirk in class D6. Ashleigh has successfully gained permanent employment with The Body Shop as a Customer Consultant.

This is an even better success story from the fact that before Ashleigh’s studies with GlamCandy, she hadn’t had a job in 8 years. She hadn’t had an interview in years and with juggling having children as well, she couldn’t keep up to date with the changing of modern times of having to create an updated CV and apply to jobs online.


Amazingly, with the help of Claire and her in-class workshops on how to answer interview questions and interview techniques, Ashleigh’s confidence flourished. The in-class workshops are especially beneficial to the student as they learn how to act in interview and professional environments due to Claire’s role-playing techniques and from her wealth of knowledge in the industry.


Ashleigh Kirk – Female Commercial Photoshoot

Ashleigh describes the techniques learnt in class, very beneficial as she had a long interview process to gain permanent employment with The Body Shop. She has 2 sets of interviews which consisted of a telephone interview and an in-person interview. After she had passed the telephone interview, she went instore and had to interact with customers on the shop floor, just as she was prepared with GlamCandy to do, tying in experiences in class to real life working environments.

Ashleigh Kirk – Male Commercial Photoshoot


Ashleigh stated: “I would have never thought I was ever going to get the position before studying at GlamCandy. The help Claire and the tutors have given because of their background has improved my confidence in going in for an interview.


Not only that but my mindset about the whole application process for applying for jobs is now a very positive one.”


Not only did Ashleigh gain employment with The Body Shop but she gained vital life skills with GlamCandy to be prepared for the beauty industry. In GlamCandy, we prepare our students, not just about the thorough knowledge of makeup but about the industry itself and how to prepare yourself for it. The experience learnt by our students are immensely invaluable and is shaming not taught at state college’s.

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