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Emma Horsburgh GlamCandy
Makeup by Emma Horsburgh

Emma Horsburgh, GlamCandy HNC Fashion Makeup student gains employment in the makeup industry as a retail artist with Benefit Cosmetics in John Lewis Edinburgh halfway through her course.

Benefit Cosmetics have a 3-stage interview process and she was given advice and interview techniques from our Student Management Director Claire Stead which helped her prepare for each stage. Emma commented on Benefit Cosmetics interview process and said “It was a very informative and quick process and the team were very professional at making me feel welcome.”

Emma’s journey with GlamCandy started in 2016 when attended a masterclass at our William Street College with her mum Steph. She loved the masterclass so much her mum booked her a space on our teen makeup course which she attended on Friday afternoons after school. As Emma displayed so much enthusiasm we invited her to assist in our pro courses and help our tutors and modelled for class demonstrations and even participated in modelling for photoshoots.

Emma who also attended Currie High School chose NPA Makeup Skills which we at GlamCandy taught within the school each week for a full semester. Her passion for makeup continued when GlamCandy launched our Makeup Club for teens for age 11 – 15-year olds. As Emma, age 15 enrolled in the club she had so much experienced she assisted in the classes instead of attending as a student.

Emma said: “My favourite part of the HNC Fashion Makeup Course is working with a variety of different students and tutors. We learn so many different techniques from each tutor that I am confident I can adapt to any client request without being nervous.

I’m so glad I attended that first masterclass with my mum it’s the best decision of my life. You get so many different opportunities and meet so many different people!”

Emma is a great role model for anyone looking to get into the makeup industry. She took the initiative and put herself forward to help out whenever she could, which ultimately helped her progress in her own career. At only 16 years old, she has gained vital knowledge from all of the GlamCandy makeup artists. She has worked from the bottom, cleaning brushes, helping around the college to modelling for makeup demonstrations, photoshoots and even assisting our photographers. We can’t wait to see what she will achieve in her career and Benefit is only the beginning!

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