As the new year has flown in, everyone here at GlamCandy can’t help but reflect on the immense success that 2018 has been.


Throughout 2018 there have been copious amounts of students and clients flood through our studio doors. Here at GlamCandy, every student and client is treated with the highest quality of respect for their health and wellbeing.

GlamCandy has always focused on the student’s health by shining a light on the importance of healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and more recently a healthy mind.



Each week, GlamCandy order a complimentary supply of fresh fruit for all of our students to have. We really emphasise the importance of healthy eating in GlamCandy and the positive effect it can have on your studies and your personal life.

To emphasise this further, GlamCandy has supplied a health chart placed in their communal areas which helps the student identify what their issue is and how to resolve it. The feedback for this chart has been astronomical with students being more aware of their lifestyle and making conscious efforts to improve their health and diets.



We also focus greatly on the students’ mental health by highlighting the positive benefits of sharing whatever problem arises from coursework to personal issues.



To highlight this further, we took our students to Calm on Canning Street, which is a yoga and wellbeing sanctuary nestled in Edinburgh’s West End. Calm states that they are

“ a special place in which you can escape the fast-paced world and find tranquillity.”

The class which the students attended was taken by Lynette Gray @angelpixielove, a meditation guide and life coach who carries out her practice at Calm.

Lynette states:

“ Meditation is not about feeling good, meditation is about being with yourself and accepting yourself fully no matter what is going on, it’s about being with your emotions and allowing yourself to feel them then letting them go, meditation is about showing yourself compassion and empathy. “

At GlamCandy, we take great pride in caring for our students’ mental health, especially with the growing issues surrounding how competitive the beauty industry is becoming and the ideals we are being forced to fit into.

The students attended an introductory meditation class to show the importance of taking care of your mental health alongside the lifestyle changes and how to start the journey to a more positive outlook on life.

Lynette comments on her experience with GlamCandy by stating:

“I am now so passionate about sharing the benefits of meditation with the World.

I believe it is my purpose and I was honoured this month to be invited to work with GlamCandy.

This is such a positive and powerful move for the make-up industry and for the high street,

GlamCandy is an innovative company who cares about their employees’ wellness. Meditation will boost their staffs’ mental well-being, reduce stress and create a healthier workforce as meditating boosts your immune system. “

After the class the feedback from the students was extraordinary, stating that it really helped them become self-aware and loved the fact GlamCandy supported their mental development and felt supported.




We are also supporting our staff members development by sending them on mindset development courses. The courses last 8 weeks and help our staff members adopt a mindfulness practice. The course can enhance every aspect of their well-being (physical, mental and emotional health).

The aim of the course is to help participants develop a mindfulness practice that can be applied in both personal and professional life

Brain imaging studies have proven that regularly practising mindfulness can rewire the brain to reduce reactivity & stress, as well as enhance parts of the brain linked to focus & concentration, memory, empathy and understanding, all leading to enhanced impulse control and strengthened relationships.

We can’t help but share the importance of a healthy mindset and lifestyle in the beauty industry with our students, staff and clients. Our aim is to create positive awareness in the GlamCandy community about these issues so they are spoken about more widely and fluently.


The future is prosperous for the GlamCandy team and we can’t wait to show everyone what 2019 holds for us!


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