HNC student Sarah Kate Working on a Photoshoot  

Student Sarah Kate with model

Edinburgh HNC student, Sarah Kate was the lead makeup artist for the handmade clothing company, Ayino. The photoshoot took place in One New Exchange Shopping Centre near St.Pauls Cathedral in London.

Student Sarah Kate on photoshoot set

This was Sarah’s first professional brand photoshoot after completing her course with GlamCandy.

Sarah states: “It was an extremely fun and eye-opening experience into the fashion and editorial makeup.”

Sarah was given creative freedom to create looks to compliment the clothing range for the Ayino photoshoot. Sarah explained that there was alot more planning required that she initailly expected but the planning helped her build her confidence and perpare for the photoshoot.

HNC Student Sarah Kate on set

Sarah enjoys working on photoshoots the most and is the career path she is steering towards. In class, Sarah has consistent help in building her confidence and also preparing for assessed photoshoots on the HNC course. The help from the tutors in class is an essential part of their course as our tutors are makeup artists working in the industry so can offer vital knowledge and assistance to the students from a professional perspective.

HNC Student on Professional London Photoshoot

Sarah mentions: “Before joining GlamCandy I felt I could go into photoshoots and think I knew what I was doing but not always be as confident, but now after studying the HNC with GlamCandy I’ve been given tips and had a lot more experience so I can go into shoots confidently. The main part is that I am confident in my skills and in my knowledge of what products are essential to bringing in my kit!”


Not only did Sarah gain experience on a professional photoshoot but she gained vital life skills with GlamCandy to be prepared for the beauty/editorial industry. In GlamCandy, we prepare our students, not just about the thorough knowledge of makeup but about the industry itself and how to prepare yourself for it.

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