Kayla Bremner Employed as a Makeup Artist

Dunfermline HNC student, Kayla Bremner has gained employment in Colours Salon in Dunfermline as a makeup artist and brow technician.

Kayla’s Male Commercial Photoshoot

Kayla started out her makeup journey by having a passion for it by applying the makeup on herself and her sister at a young age. She then followed her passion to follow Instagram influencers on social media such as Jamie Genevieve and MMMitchel. Kayla then came across GlamCandy and the courses on social media and was couldn’t wait to apply.

Throughout her course, Kayla gained the confidence and skills to start applying for different positions in the makeup industry. Looking through Indeed.com, Kayla came across the position. Her experience in the course and by completing an eyebrow course before, she gained employment. Kayla states: “It’s important for makeup artists to have more than one core skill to succeed in the industry and be an all-rounder!”

Kayla’s Female Commercial Photoshoot

The interview process involved an informal chat where Kayla had to complete two makeup applications and eyebrow waxes in the salon. After the first interview process, she was asked back for a meeting to finalise the hours of working three days a week.

Kayla’s family are ecstatic about the achievement of graduating from her HNC course and then gaining employment in the industry.

We then asked Kayla about her experience with GlamCandy;

How has GlamCandy helped gain employment?

“Having a qualification in makeup with GlamCandy is incredibly reputable and the course was immensely informative.

Practising and learning theory work 1-1 with the tutors in small classes of 20 has helped you feel as you get the upmost care and support from them.

Claire Stead, the Student Development Director has also helped as she taught us interview skills, how to improve your CV and role-play classes about being in interview situations. This is invaluable experience since Claire has been in the industry for years and can give honest and critical advice.”

What is the most important skill you learned at GlamCandy?

“Studying with GlamCandy has not only helped with my makeup skills but it has also helped to gain confidence. I feel like I’ve come leaps and bounds and improved on all aspects of my life.

I also can’t mention how GlamCandy has helped me master the art of blending! Since there are so many different tutors and students, I learnt so many techniques and styles of makeup, all over a 6 month period!”

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