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Embracing Challenges and Opportunties at GlamCandy, Morgan Lennox

Morgan Lennox @morgan.lennox_mua, a rising star in HNC Fashion Makeup class in Dunfermline.

Morgan Lennox Instagram
Morgan Lennox Instagram
Morgan Lennox Instagram
Morgan Lennox Instagram

Morgan is one of our HNC Dunfermline students who started the course August 2018 and is currently a self-employed make-up artist based in Kirkcaldy.

Morgan specialises in glam and creative make-up looks as for her they take the most skill and accuracy to carry out and Morgan always puts all of her passion into each look created.

Before applying for the HNC Fashion Makeup course with GlamCandy, Morgan has been following the college for a while. All of the lavish photoshoots and exciting new course content was just the start of why Morgan couldn’t resist applying for the course.

I knew I would have so much fun studying at GlamCandy as I am so passionate about it and GlamCandy has gone over and above to meet my expectations.

I look forward to going to college each week and I have a great relationship with all of the tutors and staff. The best part of the course is attending the photoshoots.

The environment is very fast paced and teach me how to work well under pressure because I feel I work best in that environment.

I also love how on the course you are able to learn a vast amount of make-up styles, trends and era’s that I never thought I would be able to do.

During the course, the biggest thing it has taught Morgan is how to improve on her time management which will also help when her when she is dealing with external clients. The course has also built Morgan’s confidence greatly when working with different face shapes and skin types which she wouldn’t of learnt from a state college.

Morgan assisted GlamCandy on completing make-up for actors in the Netflix documentary, OutLaw King. Morgan’s dedication to her studies and broadening her experience is exceptional. The whole day was a great success for not only Morgan but the other students who volunteered to help GlamCandy on the set.

We encourage students to take on any opportunities that GlamCandy have to offer and the benefits to their career and confidence that these experiences can offer.

Morgan’s aspirations for the future are endless as she wants to be a successful freelance make-up artist and even venture into the YouTube.

When studying our students are able to use a wide variety of products, skin care items and brushes. Morgan’s 2 favorite products from the course were;

Ilamasqua’s Skin Base Foundation
The intense high coverage and silky smooth, skin-like texture is one better than any other foundation she has tried.

Illamasqua’s Black Gel Liner
It is so versatile and is the best base for a perfect smokey eye.

Morgan’s advice for anyone starting the course would be to go for it. Initially, she was apprehensive, to begin with, because she wasn’t that confident in herself but as the course progressed, she received so much help and encouragement along the way.

Morgan’s explains, don’t follow the rules on make-up that you hear every day and especially online. Do what you feel comfortable doing first then you will figure out what works best for you. There should be no rules in make-up!

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