At GlamCandy we have had an abundance of student success stories.


Our latest success is Alisha MacCallum @makeupbyalisha__, who is one of our Dunfermline HNC students who started the course in August 2018.


Alisha currently works in Costa alongside studying her HNC course, showing immense dedication juggling her studies and her career.

Since starting her course, Alisha’s skills and overall business etiquette have blossomed already whilst only being with GlamCandy for 3 months.


Alisha states:

“I didn’t really know what to expect before I started the course but since I’ve started, I have learned so much.


I love that the course includes make-up of all eras and different techniques from different tutors. The best thing is that you are able to practice a lot of looks so you’re confident and prepared for any situation you’re presented with.”


The HNC course is so vast and covers so many different areas in depth and with that, it gives the student a taste of every technique and style make-up has to offer.

Alisha says:

“I loved the editorial which I never thought I would.


I am also really enjoying learning the ‘Intense Glam’ section of my course and I am keen on completing more bridal and editorial looks, so I can build my portfolio. I love colours and getting creative!


Photoshoots have been incredibly fun and amazing for my confidence. I love how you are working in a photography studio with professional photographers and tutors who have been in the industry for years; you know you’re in very capable hands.”



Alisha sets her sights on becoming a freelance make-up artist after her course is finished. She is already in the midst of organising and creating 1:1 personal lessons and would also like to learn how to complete HD brows. This would be a great investment in Alisha’s future, showing that she is a versatile artist and beauty therapist in the field.



Her most useful piece of advice for make-up is to be confident.


Alisha states:

“Since I started my course with GlamCandy this has become a skill I think is essential in the industry and with your own self-confidence.


On the HNC course you are constantly working on different faces, skin types and skin tones that it has given me the confidence to just go for it – not only in class but in my own life.


Things that I used to struggle a lot with have become a lot easier as well. The overwhelming support received by the tutors and other students really does improve your confidence and belief in yourself as well.”


Alisha’s favourite product that she has used in class would be the Illamasqua OMG highlighter and the precision eyebrow gel. These are her favourite as they are both high quality and durable products. Ideal for any editorial or glam look created by Alisha.


Her advice for anyone unsure bout applying for the course would be to just go for it.

Alisha MacCallum’s HNC Bridal Image

Alisha says:

“I was nervous before I started because I thought I wouldn’t be any good at the course and not learn anything new.

The experience has been incredible, and I have learned so many new skills and also made so many new friendships.


Joining the HNC course not only builds on your make-up skills but also on your business skills in the beauty industry and also how to deal with customers in an appropriate manner.”

Already Alisha is blossoming into a very respectable and dedicated student, ready to face the industry and the success that will inevitably follow.

Alisha MacCallum’s HNC Natural Beauty Image

In GlamCandy we pride ourselves in the amount of commitment each one of our members of staff gives to the students and their learning.


For more information or to apply for one of our courses, please click the link to get started.

We can’t wait to write about all of our students’ success stories just like Alisha’s.







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