Taking HNC to a Calm – Mindfulness Class

At GlamCandy, we care deeply about the mental well-being of our students.

To highlight this further, we recently took our 1E class to the Calm space at 16 Canning Street, Edinburgh, to attend Lynette Gray’s ‘Mindfulness Meditation Class’. They were accompanied by tutors Rachael Melrose, Vicky Cameron and Paige Gilbride.

Entering a Calmer Place 

Lynette welcomed us with green tea and water, while we were asked to remove our footwear and jackets. We were then invited into a meditation class, with yoga mats. Each mat had a card laid out on it. We were given a brief induction then asked to read the cards, which revealed the answer to the question that we had asked. Lynette then started the guided the meditation by asking us to focus on our breathing.

The purpose of the class was to help the students focus on their mental health, as this directly affects how they cope with their studies at GlamCandy.

It raised their awareness of the importance of looking after their mental health alongside their physical health. Lynette helped the students focus on how to use different de-stressing techniques and how to manage any unwanted emotions they may have.

Being Mindful of the Benefits

Taking the students to this class also helped them see that we treat their physical and mental health as a priority. We want to make them feel secure as a student and feel that they can always come to us to disclose any issues that may be affecting their studies.


Lynette States:

“I was honoured this month to be invited to work with GlamCandy. This is such a positive and powerful move for the make-up industry and for the high street.


GlamCandy is an innovative company who cares about its employees’ wellness. Meditation will boost their staff’s mental well-being, reduce stress and create a healthier workforce, as meditating boosts your immune system.”


After the class, the feedback was extraordinary. Students said that it really helped them become self-aware and loved the fact GlamCandy supported their mental development.

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