Recently in GlamCandy our lead Aberdeen tutor, Amanda McCarthy took Jodie Began, a GlamCandy HNC student, along to a photoshoot with the global brand, Hertz.

The shoot with Hertz was to advertise a new Jaguar car and both Amanda and Jodie were thrilled to be able to complete the make-up for the global campaign.

Jodie @jodieleamakeup @beautyisastereotype, was even more ecstatic as it was an amazing opportunity to learn new skills to help her progress in her HNC with GlamCandy.



In the past Jodie never thought she would pursue a career in makeup. Jodie was always academic when she was younger but enjoyed Art and Performing on the side. Initially she went to university to study Mental Health Nursing, despite passing everything she never made it through her first year. Jodie knew then that she had to find something she had a passion for. That led her to study three years of Beauty Therapy and become a qualified beauty therapist. She still wasn’t satisfied though and thats when she found GlamCandy.

Jodie stated:- “When I came for my interview at Glam Candy I felt at home right away. All of my questions were answered and I was told about all the amazing opportunities that GlamCandy offers its students.

The thought of working on set at photoshoots and building connections in the industry was really exciting. My favourite part of the course was the Runway and Editorial Makeup lessons. I really got to push my creativity and try lots of new things that I wouldn’t necessarily have tried before.

The support and guidance I got from the lecturers was amazing. Each of them have such different skillsets and have a wealth of knowledge between them that they are more than happy to share. Half the time I didn’t see them as lecturers I saw them as friends. The class I was in was so supportive of each other and I feel like I’ve made some friends for life. I was hesitant when I first walked into the class as I thought everyone would be so different from myself, but despite everyones different personalities and styles we all got on brilliantly and Im lucky to have worked alongside such talented girls.”



Jodie has had a lot of opportunities whilst studying at GlamCandy. She worked on Popstars the Musical, Outlaw King, St. Andrews Fashion Show and most recently I was on Location with Amanda doing makeup for a commercial project with Hertz Cars.

Jodie states:- “I feel very lucky to have had so many opportunities in the short 6 months of the course. I feel like each one pushed me in a different way and I got to learn how fast paced and diverse the industry is firsthand.

The photoshoots are an amazing part of the course and I encourage any future students to take full advantage of them. They are your photoshoots and they can be whatever you want them to be. The more thought you put into your shoots the more you get out of them. “


Jodie’s biggest inspiration is nature and believes to succeed in this industry you need to find inspiration outside of the world of instagram and eventually push yourself to become the inspiration. Jodie created props for a few of her photoshoots including a crown made from heather, moss and crystals which she used in my bridal shoot.

It really complimented the dress she chose and gave the overall shoot a very ethereal vibe. Most recently she made a headpiece for her final graded unit image using an old hair slide, different kinds of feathers and sprigs of heather. She also made dramatic paper lashes for this shoot too which was the main feature of my look.

Jodie says:- “Now that I’ve left GlamCandy the next thing on my agenda is moving to Aylesbury for 8 weeks to study Prosthetics and Makeup FX at Gorton Studios.

I am so excited to gain another qualification that will round off my skills as a makeup artist. I am also working as a makeup artist for an RSustainable Fashion show in March at The Jam House in Edinburgh which will be my first job outside of my GlamCandy experiences. “



From studying in GlamCandy for 6 months, Jodie has given a few hints and tips of what her favourite products are.

Jodie’s favourite product that she used in GlamCandy was the Illamasqua sealing gel. She says it is because it is so versatile and she loved using it to create gold tears in one of my final Graded Unit looks.



Jodie states:- “My time at GlamCandy has been nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait to see where I end up next. “


In GlamCandy we pride ourselves in the amount of commitment each one of our members of staff gives to the students and their learning. 

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We can’t wait to write about all of our students’ success stories just like Jodie’s. 

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