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Building your client base GlamCandy

Building your client base

Are you struggling to build your client base in the makeup industry? We’re here to bring you our Top 5 Tips on how secure a solid client base.
Support other makeup artists!

If you support other makeup artists, they will support you. Share their posts and recommend them to clients if you are unable to book them in that day, we guarantee you they will do the same thing back one day. Other makeup artists are not your competition, so stop looking at them in that way. They become part of your network, they can help you learn as well as passing on clients to you. A strong, healthy relationship with other makeup artists can really help boost your reputation in a positive way.

Building your client base GlamCandy
Building your client base GlamCandy
Create deals on special occasions

Valentines day is just around the corner, that’s the perfect excuse to run a deal, do a discounted rate for a full face to go out on a date. When it’s Mothers Day, you can make it so mums get their makeup 50% off if they book together with someone else. 2 for 1 bestie deals, the list is honestly endless. Get as creative as possible and this will encourage more people to come to you. We’re a huge fan of the 2 for 1 bestie deal, this means regular clients could bring their bestie along…turning them into regular clients too!

Use social media

Social media is the key to reach as many potential customers as possible. Showcase your talents through creating Tutorials, Get Ready With Me’s, Tips and Tricks or A Day In The Life. Really show off your personality on social media and let your audience know who the face is behind the brand so they can properly connect with you. 

Building your client base GlamCandy
Building your client base GlamCandy
Assist someone in the industry

Ask a makeup artist that is more established in the makeup industry to assist alongside them. Go and help them clean their brushes, assist on a wedding they’re doing, join in on a Saturday at work with them. Put yourself out there and learn from them and leave an impression. This is the best way to get more experience in the industry, as well as building up your confidence. You can ALWAYS learn from another artist, you never stop learning in the makeup world. This also goes hand in hand with having them a part of your network.

Work in a salon first

If you’re not the most confident, or dont want to dive straight into freelancing work, try and get a job working in a salon under an employed basis. Working with a company that already has a client base is a great way to build up your skills and confidence, as well as making connections in the industry. 

Building your client base GlamCandy

And just remember, nothing happens overnight, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, you’ve got this!

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