Rocio Employed by Charlotte Tilbury

During my time studying at GC I developed my artistic skills more than I could have ever imagined. I learned so many new techniques and trends that I didn’t know about, I discovered my own “identity” in the makeup world and what makes me feel confident.

What I loved the most was that we were also taught important subjects, such as how to prepare for an important interview or even how to create and plan a masterclass. These were important matters that you don’t think you’ll need until you learn them, but it made me feel 100% more confident out of college and helped me out to get my actual job at Charlotte Tilbury for H Beauty, Harrods in the new St James Quarter.

The atmosphere in class is always very inspiring and you feel very confident, supported and loved by every single tutor there, even after finishing your HNC.

“I discovered my own “identity” in the makeup world.”

The GlamCandy team make you feel like you are worth of something and encourage you to go for so much in your future carrier. GC makes me feel like I’ll always have a place to go whenever I need it. They gave me (and still give me) so many nice opportunities and I know I will always feel welcomed there anytime.

Rocio Lahoz
HNC Fashion Makeup Graduate 2021


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