Glamour & Evening Makeup Course

A new generation of innovative makeup artists are taking Instagram by storm with their creative, fresh ideas. They aren’t afraid to make a statement with all the colours of the rainbow or go over the top with eyelids covered in glitter. Our course will teach you all you need to know about applying trendy, popular makeup looks to give your clients their most glamorous transformation yet.

Course Schedule

Part Time
2 Days – 10:00 to 17:00

Course Duration

2 Days

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Course Overview

With our 2 day Intense Glam course, learn every trendy look your clients may ask for. Insta eyes, spotlight eye looks and cut creases are just a few examples of the current trends circulating within the makeup industry. This course is perfect for artists who are looking to add some glitter, glam and creativity to their makeup looks. Let us inspire you with the tips and tricks you’ll need to create some of the most popular looks on the scene at the moment.

Course Content

Our course will teach you the following trending techniques:

Full Glam Base Tutorial
This is where you will learn the ins and outs of full base make-up, using full coverage foundations, cream and powder contour, baking techniques and achieving that beaming highlight.

Soft Glam Base Tutorial
With your soft glam base, you will be learning how to create a flawless medium coverage base, get that dewy and glowy finish.

Fluffy, Full & Defined Brows
We will go through all of the most popular ways of wearing a brow, this will help you frame the face for every look and cater to all of your client’s needs.


Full Cut Crease Tutorial
Redefining your entire crease for stunning visual effects, this is your chance to be creative with colour and glitter.

Half Cut Crease Tutorial
Neutral or colourful, you choose, half cut crease is another one of the most popular looks for occasion make-ups and here you will master the art of the cut crease.

Using Glitter & Pigments
The glitter and pigment game is strong during the glam unit, these will always make the look stand out and we will guide you through the perfect application technique.

Neutral Soft Smokey Eye Tutorial
One of the most popular looks, we will show you how to master this simple smoked out make-up.

Spotlight Eye Tutorial
This striking look attracts attention to the centre of the eye, making it perfect to suit all different eye shapes.

Bold Liner Tutorial
From a winged cat eye look to a bold blended liner at the outer corner, we have you covered to enhance the lash line and help cover up your lash band.


This course is available at the following locations:


The following tutors will teach on this course

Paulina Siembor
Creative Director
Rachael Melrose
Lead Make-Up Artist & Tutor
Vicky Cameron
Senior Make-Up Artist & Lead Tutor
Holly Martin
Lead Make-Up Artist & Tutor
Lois Barclay
Lead Make-Up Artist & Tutor
Morgan Milne
Make-Up Artist & Tutor
Clarisse Morieux
Senior Make-Up Artist & Lead Tutor
Jay Millar
Senior Make-Up Artist & Lead Tutor
Charlie McGuire
Lead Make-Up Artist & Tutor
Stephanie Ferry
Lead Make-Up Artist & Tutor


What are my career prospects following my studies?

  • Working for cosmetic brands
  • Working in department stores/cosmetic counter work
  • Studio makeup artist (beauty & party makeup)
  • Wedding guest makeup artist
  • Personal lesson teacher
  • Can I continue my studies with GlamCandy?
    Many of our students have chosen to further their studies in other areas of makeup artistry. After completing our Introduction to Makeup Artistry Course course, students can study any of our other 5 day professional courses such as Bridal, SFX, TV, Theatre & Film, Glam, Fashion & Editorial.

    Can I enrol in the HNC Fashion Makeup Course on completion of the introduction course?
    Yes, all pro course students are welcome to apply for a space on our 6 month HNC Fashion Makeup course. Students can apply in any of our college locations of by completing this form.