HNC Fashion Make-up

Everyday there is an exciting brand or product launching with new ideas to enhance beauty & youth. Artistry, product design, testing, educating & social media influencing are some of the paths graduates can follow to obtain a rewarding career in the beauty industry. For course content & employment opportunities scroll below.

Course Schedule

Class 1 Mon, Tues, Wed
10:00 to 17:00 OR
Class 2 Wed, Thurs, Fri
10:00 to 17:00

Course Duration

6 Months

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Course Overview

Our HNC Fashion Makeup course teach students in depth about the makeup industry and make-up application, as well as customer service and business skills to start successful, long-lasting careers as a beauty and makeup professional. Many of our students become self employed makeup artists or business owners where they can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to build their own future.

Start Dates

Start a career in Makeup Artistry in 2021

Ed Edinburgh
April 7

Gl Glasgow
May 3

Du Dunfermline
May 3

Ab Aberdeen
May 10

Ed Edinburgh
May 12

What's Included

Students receive a kit on our HNC course which is included in the course cost

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Course Content

Essential Makeup Skills
Starting with the basics of skin types, skin tones, face shapes, colour theory and foundation matching, you will learn all of the fundamentals for you to develop onto your practical looks.

Current Fashion & Classic Makeup Skills
This unit covers styles from 1920’s to current trends that we see today. such as winged eyeliner from 40’s to a glam Instagram cut crease.

Runway & Editorial Makeup & Hair Skills
Researching editorial and fashion makeup looks from brands, fashion designers, campaigns and runway shows. Using daily objects, textures, colours and themes will be used to inspire you to create your Runway and Editorial style looks.

Fashion & Runway Makeup: Promotional & Presentation Skills
Developing knowledge and skills necessary when presenting and promoting make-up looks or products to individuals, live audiences and through social media channels.

Work Placement
Complete a work placement template which will help you identify everything from your current skill set and knowledge. Learn how to self-motivate and create realistic short, medium- and long-term goals.

Hairdressing Techniques for Fashion Makeup
Create basic hair styling techniques which include rollers, finger waving and GHD curls. Using various hair products and heated tools to create looks to compliment make-up styles.

Makeup & Hairstyling for a Photoshoot
This unit prepares you for working with clients, brands and companies by learning how to follow a creative brief. Following the brief requirments you will plan, design and produce a full look with hair, make up and styling.

History of Hairstyling & Makeup
This unit will take you through all decades and eras of both make-up and hairstyling. Learning influential factors of trends and looks and how these are recreated today.

Project based assessment
Selectng a designer or brand you will research plan and complete a look inspired by your chosen collection, this will include full make up, hair design and styling complete with a photoshoot.


This course is available at the following locations:


The following tutors will teach on this course

Clarisse Morieux
Senior Makeup Artist & Lead Tutor
Alice Dickson
Makeup Artist & Tutor
Rachael Melrose
Senior Makeup Artist & Lead Tutor
Paulina Siembor
Senior Makeup Artist & Lead Tutor
Vicky Cameron
Senior Makeup Artist & Lead Tutor
Holly Martin
Makeup Artist & Tutor
Karen Bowen
Senior Makeup Artist & Lead Tutor
Ebony Smith
Rebecca Muir
Social Media Manager
Charlie McGuire
Makeup Artist & Tutor
Stephanie Ferry
Makeup Artist & Tutor
Morgan Milne
Makeup Artist & Tutor
Chloe McKenzie
Makeup Artist & Tutor
Lois Barclay
Makeup Artist & Tutor


Skincare, makeup & cosmetics form part of one of the largest industries in the world. Entrepreneurship is thriving in the beauty industry and young, independent brands, makeup and skincare professionals are emerging daily with creative new ideas to sell, use and promote products.

What type of work can I get on completion?

Cosmetic brands employment; sales, buying, product testing, social media
Studio makeup artist (beauty, glam, party makeup)
Cosmetic product designer
Beauty & cosmetic entrepreneur
Wedding Makeup Artist
Fashion Makeup Artist; team member or leading fashion show makeup / fashion week etc
Editorial makeup artist; magazines and newspapers
TV Makeup Artist
Beauty Blogger
Photoshoot Art Director
Beauty Agent
Beauty Vlogger (video blogger)
Magazine Beauty Writer
Beauty Content Creator

Counter Advisor / Manager
Cosmetic Advisor
Retail Artist
Brand Ambassador
Retail Manager
Creative Director
Cosmetics Personal Shopper
Beauty PR Agent
Sell Beauty Products Online
Social Media Manager
Social Media Beauty Influencer
Lecturer & Educator

Our HNC Makeup course students have the opportunity to work closely with our photography department where all students can work together and create additional content and portfolio assets to help with future career ideas and assets.

Payment Options

There may be an option for students to apply for funding to pay towards your course. For information or to apply please complete the form above. We have the following payment options available;

– Apply for funding
– Flexible payment plans
– Pay in full