SFX TV, Theatre and Film Makeup Course

Get to grips with the specialist application and design of makeup for the world of film and entertainment with our our SFX course for TV, Film and Theatre. Master the tricks required to create visually realistic effects on your clients and get a taster of the world of prosthetics.

Course Schedule

Part Time
5 Sundays – 10:00 to 17:00

Cost Cost
£1,250, payment plan & finance options available.

Course Duration

5 Days

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SFX Makeup Course

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Course Overview

Our course will teach you the essential skills required to become a successful SFX makeup artist in the performing arts and entertainment industry. Whether you’re adding cuts and bruises to your client or giving them a completely new face, this course will equip you with the knowledge you need in order to design, plan and produce a character of your choosing.

Start Dates

2022 Course Dates

Ab Aberdeen
January 30

Course Content

    • Colour Theory
      • Our SFX Makeup Course introduces students to colour theory and how it is important in the world of TV film and Theatre


    • Primary, secondary and tertiary colours – This is especially important in relation to how to mix colours to achieve your desired colour outcome


    • Colour terminology – Hue, tint, shade, intensity and understanding the use of warm and cool colours in the theatre industry


  • Colour wheel – The importance of knowing what colours work and don’t work together


Character creation
    • Designing a character creation look


    • Study makeup looks inspired by famous drag queens


    • Theatrical ageing inspired by a character from your favourite theatre production


  • SFX trauma makeup suitable for TV


Theatrical ageing
    • Learn various types of ageing techniques – TV/Film ageing, theatrical ageing, prosthetic ageing and fantasy ageing.


    • Produce ageing looks to suit different types of media settings.


  • Learn how to showcase makeup from afar, creating illusions with ageing techniques.


Drag demonstration
    • History of drag makeup – discover how drag makeup became a staple style in the industry.


    • For the effect of an authentic drag look, learn how to block (cover) brows and reapply with the use of makeup.


    • The perfect base – application process and foundation coverage, including blush and dramatic sculpting.


  • How to style your look using wigs to make your final image stand out.
SFX Injuries and Trauma
  • Study a range of injuries types and trauma wounds
  • Produce SFX looks suitable for TV/Film
  • Learn how to utilise your new skills and techniques to create realistic visual effects
  • Understanding of the creation of cuts, gashes, grazes and broken bones using prosthetics and learn classic techniques used on TV
  • Learn how to create realistic burn effects to suit different trauma scenarios such as bruising and burns (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree)
  • Birth marks, lumps and scars – the fundamental lumps and bumps, great for adding little details to a full look
  • Death discolouration – preparing you for media briefs and helping you understand the various stages of death for visual effects
  • Introduction to prosthetics – create your own clay moulds to form your special effects design plan


This course is available at the following locations:


The following tutors will teach on this course

Jay Millar
Senior Make-Up Artist & Lead Tutor
Paulina Siembor
Creative Director
Holly Martin
Lead Make-Up Artist & Tutor
Rachael Melrose
Lead Make-Up Artist & Tutor
Vicky Cameron
Senior Make-Up Artist & Lead Tutor


What are my career prospects following my studies?

  • Working for cosmetic brands
  • Personal lesson provider
  • TV/Film makeup artist
  • Theatre makeup artist
  • Media makeup artist
  • Collaborate online with brands as an influencer
  • Mobile makeup artist 
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Payment Options

Short Makeup Course Costs

The total cost of any of our short SCQF accredited courses is £1,250 including VAT

Short Course Duration

5 days

Payment Methods

Pay in full or payment plan

Payment Plans

£100 deposit x 6 monthly payments at £230

Who is eligable to apply for funding:

– Be a UK resident

– Be over age of 18

– Have 3 years of UK residency

– Be working at least 16 hours a week

– Have a valid phone number and email address

– Persons undertaking the finance address must match the address you put on your finance application (billing address)


You can spread the monthly payments across the following terms.

12 months
3 years
5 years

For more details contact Sasha on 0737 6428 897 or send an email to sasha@glamcandy.co.uk and she can talk you through some options. Click here for more information on fees and funding.