Student Aftercare Programme
Due to the impact on students and their studies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering an aftercare programme in order to maximise studies, give students added practical experience and offer additional support.

Additional Photoshoots

Our students will be invited to attend photoshoots throughout various locations in Scotland. We have recently employed a dedicated Art Director, Lea Ross, to direct and co-ordinate our student photoshoots. Lea worked with GlamCandy as a lead artist and tutor before successfully gaining employment as lead make-up artist for one of the world’s most celebrated editorial and runway make-up artists, Pat McGrath at Pat McGrath Labs in Manchester. Lea hopes to guide students creativity and assist in building their portfolios by ensuring there are a range of locations, venues (indoor and outdoor) and brands to work with. Booking dates and details will be announced when COVID restrictions allowing us to work in person are relaxed.


4 Week Course Extension

On completion of your course, you will have an additional 4 weeks to complete any outstanding work and revisit areas of work you wish to improve on remotely with the support of your tutor(s), who will be available via Zoom for 1-1’s.


2 Week Practical Lessons

Dates will be allocated for students to return to our classrooms to participate in full face practical lessons when COVID restrictions are relaxed.


Additional Masterclasses (Online)

Students will continue to have access to our Zoom masterclasses with exciting guest artists. Links for registering attendance will be available on our website and on student Facebook groups.


Student cards

New student cards will be issued with a one year extension.


1 Year Aftercare Programme (SCQF courses)

Students are invited to attend any of our short, five day courses (held over 5 consecutive Sundays) in any location they choose. This also includes our SFX, TV, Theatre and Film course, the contents of which are not covered on our HNC course. SCQF certificates will be provided upon completion and full attendance of each course.


1-1 Senior Management Additional Support

Students can request 1-1 meeting with management if they require guidance and additional support to successfully complete their studies.


Retail – Additional Student Discounts

We have created a retail outlet online, of which students are entitled up to a 50% discount. This discount has already been distributed to student e-mail addresses.