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Emily Devine GlamCandy HNC Graduate GlamCandy

Emily Devine GlamCandy HNC Graduate

We spoke to Emily Devine (@DevineBeauty_x), who graduated from GlamCandy, so she can share her experience. 

“My experience with GlamCandy was amazing. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone considering a career in makeup, I achieved things I didn’t think were possible and it was all because of the amazing tutors at GlamCandy. I completed my HNC Fashion Makeup with an A at the end of August 2022.”
“I enrolled in GlamCandy because of my son. I always knew makeup was my passion but the thought of it being such a flexible career where I could bring in an income and still have time with my family was what pushed me to follow my dreams. The highlight of the course for me was definitely the ‘pastel full glam’ photoshoot we done when we collaborated with Broke But Cute. The shoot really suited my style of makeup and allowed me to be more creative and push boundaries.”
“I love the professional environment of photoshoots and the feedback I receive from my tutors. I’m always able to improve”.

Emily’s favourite style will always be anything creative, colourful and full glam. Since enrolling with GlamCandy, she has had the opportunity to work with Glamour Gran Ann as her social media manager, which also opened the door for her to present a masterclass live on stage at the Scottish Hair & Beauty Show in front of industry leading artists. In 5 years time, she would love to own her own salon and aspiring makeup artists the chance she was given. 

We asked Emily what she likes to do outside of makeup:

“This is probably the hardest question because the truth is makeup is my only hobby, it’s an escape from everyday life and an excuse to be creative while doing something I love. If I could pick anyone to do their makeup it would 100% be P.Louise. She is such an inspiration to my work.”

Finally we asked Emily what advice she would give to someone considering starting makeup as a career. 

“Just go for it, there are so many pathways you take and career options to suit your lifestyle.”
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Emily Devine GlamCandy HNC Graduate GlamCandy
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