HNC Redo FAQ's
For graduates looking to practice, refine their skills, learn about trends, gather content for social media and advertise and market their career progession. Graduates can even assist and mentor our new students to gain teaching experience.

HNC Redo FAQ’s

Who can redo their HNC Fashion Makeup?

Any of our previous HNC Fashion Makeup Students who studied through Covid.


Why would redoing my HNC be beneficial?

Due to restrictions having been in place for 18 months, this is a great way to build confidence and refine your skills again.


Do I need to complete the theory again?

No, you will focus on the practical lessons if you have previously completed the theory units.


Can I miss the theory lessons?

Yes, you only need to attend the classes you choose – a timetable will be provided for the course to allow you to plan in advance.


Can I still attend short courses at the weekend if I am redoing my HNC?

Yes, we want our students to be equipped with as much knowledge and skill as possible in order to build confidence in their work, keep up to date on current makeup trends and practice. Click here to join our forum for photoshoots and event dates.


I didn’t pay my full course fees, can I still attend?

We will assist you in looking into payment and funding options to settle any outstanding payments.


I have moved to another city, can I attend at a different location?

You can redo your HNC at the location of your choice. We ask that you send us an updated registration form so we have your new details.


What are the HNC start Dates?

We have courses starting in August, October and January and May. Please contact or for more information on start dates.


I finished my course before COVID hit but have not been able to work for 18 months. I am lacking confidence in my skills, am I entitled to any Aftercare?

We would encourage any student who has been affected by COVID, whether that be studying during the pandemic or unable to work due to restrictions to come forward. We want to help all students who have been affected.


Can I be awarded a new grade?

This may be an option we can discuss this with the SQA, however you may need to attend the full course and redo all units.


I was expelled or asked to leave my HNC course, can I come back and study?

If any student would like to reapply to finish their studies, we can review this on a case by case basis.


We understand that students may have joined their course at a time which wasn’t suitable for them and may now be in a different position in life, we are happy to guide you through your options to ensure success for both GlamCandy and the student. Everyone deserves a second chance.


To reapply for a space on our HNC course, please contact