makeup Trends Of 2023 So Far

makeup Trends Of 2023 So Far GlamCandy

Glass Skin

Good skin is always in! 2023 is the year we have been ditching the full coverage and hitting more natural, glowing, FLAWLESS face bases. Well, some of us have been. The glass skin effect is becoming more popular. It’s taking the the “I woke up like this” vibe no another level, making you appear effortlessly put together. So ditch the full coverage foundation and opt for a fresh, dewy, naked approach. People are achieving this look with cream based products, skin tints and blending it all with a sponge. 

Rhinestones & Sparkles

Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine. Look out the trusty old rhinestones and loose glitter because they’ve made a comeback. This combination is becoming more and more popular and we’re seeing it across the runways in different fashion shows. Go wild, is there ever too much sparkle? We think not, diamonds are a girls best friend after all. 

Pastels For Spring

You know Spring is coming when the pastels appear, and we are completely all over this one. We’re seeing pastels everywhere, in magazines, on the runways and ALL over social media. Have you jumped on this trend? Get creative and go wild with the colours, don’t stay inside lines and see what masterpiece you can create. 

Grunge Meets Glam

We predicted this one at the start of the year, and we were right. The 90’s are on the phone and they want their style back. 2023 is bringing back the flung together, smudged, “I’ve been up all night” kind of makeup. Kate Moss eat your heart out. Grunge is definitely meeting glam this year and we’re seeing the black smokey eye in more ways than imaginable. So look our our black liner and shadows and jump on this one. 

Blush Draping

Finally, we’re on to Blush Draping. This look has us in a chokehold. Following from the 90’s trend, we also have the 70’s making an appearance. The mix in generations to spice up your makeup looks is exactly what we needed to see in 2023. Never heard of it? Blush Draping is essentially ditching your bronzer, and replacing it with your favourite blush, applying it in a C shape around your cheek bones up to your forehead. It’s giving Y2K and this has been a favourite on the runway. Do you dare you apply it? 

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