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Student Amy Meets JAMIE GENEVIEVE At HBeauty Carnival GlamCandy

Student Amy Meets JAMIE GENEVIEVE At HBeauty Carnival

Our HND student Amy Noble (@amynoblemua) got invited to the HBeauty Carnival, the ultimate line-up of picturesque festivities for aspiring makeup artists and makeup lovers. She received her invite by being recognised for her work she has created on Instagram. Not only this, which is amazing, she got to meet the one and only Jamie Genevieve.

The event also included a masterclass with Love Island’s season six winner Paige Turley and Charlotte Tilbury, a brilliant and inspiring event all around.

“She was standing by her counter getting photos with people, I was so anxious that I was shaking! But she was so lovely and very friendly when I finally did approach her. She also recognised my Instagram which nearly made me cry. She kindly signed my Ninetease Palette which I had bought on the day and she filmed a short video for my HND group chat which was so nice of her to do.”

So not only an invite to an amazing event like this, but also recognition from a makeup icon like Jamie. Massive well done to Amy – we can’t wait to see what else is in store for you!

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