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Student Taylor's Experience on our HNC Course GlamCandy

Student Taylor’s Experience on our HNC Course

“My end goal is to be a freelance artist and own my own salon, this is the dream”

Our student Taylor Campbell (@makeup_bytaylorxox) spoke to us about her time so far on our HNC course.

Taylor enrolled on our HNC course to learn more skills within makeup and build on the existing experiences that she has within makeup. So far, she has really been enjoying all aspects of the course and the wide variety of makeup styles it covers.

Taylor can see herself specialising in Bridal makeup. This tends to be your soft, glowy glam that enhances the client’s natural beauty. She envisioned this before starting our course here at GlamCandy and can still see this now. Learning how to create glam makeup has been the highlight of the course so far for Taylor, she has been loving the ins and outs of how to create the perfect glam.

“My favourite style of makeup to learn is glam, bridal makeup. I do love creating a more natural look too”

Taylor told us that she can see herself building her own business and having her own salon in the next 5 years. Her dream is to have her own place to work and having her name out there in the makeup industry.

Student Taylor's Experience on our HNC Course GlamCandy

“I decided to study with GlamCandy as I have heard nothing but good about them and their courses”

Taylor heard about us through a friend of a family member and they had great feedback about our HNC course. This helped her make her decision of studying with us and said it has been the best decision of her life. We asked her if there was one piece of advice she would give out to those considering starting their makeup journey, what would it be.

“The makeup industry is getting bigger and bigger, if it is something you can see yourself being a part of, then go for it”

As well as loving makeup, Taylor also enjoys spending time with her family, especially her cousin. She told us her “go-to” must haves for her makeup kit were the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Concealer and Loreal True Match Foundation.

Taylor’s 10 quick fire questions

  1. What’s your favourite makeup brand? BeautyBay palette
  2. What’s something you always travel with? Phone
  3. What’s your guilty pleasure? Makeup
  4. Who was your first celebrity crush? Justin Bieber
  5. What’s one thing people don’t know about you? I have 2 cats
  6. What trend would you like to disappear forever? Crocs
  7. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Mind reading
  8. Describe yourself in a hashtag #makeupartist
  9. What’s one thing you still have from your childhood? My first teddy bear
  10. Where would you want to live, beside where you are just now? Hawaii

Student Taylor's Experience on our HNC Course GlamCandy

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