• SQA Accredited
  • 0% Finance & Funding Available
  • 100% of students in employment*
  • SQA Accredited
  • 0% Finance & Funding Available
  • 100% of students in employment*


GlamCandy is proud to be the first to teach students North of the border skills required for formal qualifications in makeup.



We are currently teaching an SQA-approved course at Auchmuty High School in Glenrothes. This course sets the pupils up with vital skills required to gain official National Progression Award qualifications (NPA).

The course not only gives the students essential makeup skills but also sets them up for other aspects of life such as business development plans and helping grow their confidence.

These skills, in turn, will help the students aim for higher qualifications for an aspirational future. After the students' course has been completed they will be immensely more employable and clued up about the world of business and business etiquette.

The course is being taught to fifth and sixth-year pupils with 22 girls currently taking the class; up from 14 the previous school year. These class numbers have been progressively growing as the course is helping so many girls maintain interest in gaining the qualification with GlamCandy. The girls will achieve an award at SCQF level 5, which is a recognisable qualification in the educational system.

Auchmuty head teacher, Craig Mcleod said: "This is an admirable investment in our young people by GlamCandy and we are delighted it will benefit a group of our pupils either socially, academically or vocationally"

"The girls will develop employability skills while growing in confidence."

Ebony Smith, head of education at GlamCandy, added: "Our course encourages our pupils to expand their own knowledge across their whole school curriculum and give them confidence in their skills and abilities that they can take forward into their future career - be it in the beauty industry or elsewhere"

"We're delighted to have brought this course to Fife and look forward to rolling it across other schools elsewhere in Scotland."

The course teaches aspects of makeup from evening, bridal and corrective make-up skills. These skills will give the girls a highly commendable qualification that will lead to a flourishing career in makeup but also to further education.

The course encourages the pupils to grasp back their interest in academics and to expand their knowledge across the whole of their school curriculum. In GlamCandy, we always teach our students to strive for the best in class but also with their personal development outside of their work with GlamCandy. We can already see immense personal growth in every student attending our courses and are excited to see them develop even further as the school year progresses.

We are also proud to announce that due to the growing success, we have introduced this course to Currie High School in Edinburgh, Woodmill High School in Dunfermline and our expansion will soon reach other high schools in Fife.

The girls in our classes are only in the interim of their course but are already passionate about the topics being taught. In the class, we can evidently see the girls are excited about their future with us and also throughout their academic subjects.

If you would like to expand your knowledge of makeup and employability with GlamCandy, click the link and fill in our contact form to enquire today! 

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