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Aftercare strengthened GlamCandy

Aftercare strengthened

GlamCandy, a professional creative college based in Scotland, has introduced several new elements to its aftercare programme, including free studio hire, photoshoots, expert masterclasses and job board access.

Stringent Covid measures put in place meant that students were legally not allowed to practice their craft on somebody else’s face for the last 18 months, creating additional pressures on students and the college itself.

The private institution is offering all students a chance to resit their Higher National Certificate (HNC) course in fashion makeup, to help build up confidence, learn new styles and brush up on techniques.

“Hayley, director at GlamCandy, said: “Graduates automatically receive a lifetime partnership with GlamCandy, and we want them to be equipped with confidence when building their makeup careers. Lockdown was tough for many of our students, and this hugely impacted their ability to practice any skills they’d learnt.”

“At the beginning of lockdown, students adapted by learning on their kids, parents, siblings and thrived with many employment successes. We not only want to help those affected by the pandemic, but those who just graduated and didn’t get the opportunity to kick start their careers. I’m excited for the future of the school and more importantly I will be taking a hands-on role in helping students who want to build a business for themselves.”

GlamCandy offers SAAS and student loan funding for those wanting to lead a successful career in the beauty industry. Students are able to learn from some of the finest technical makeup artists in the UK, as well as benefit from GlamCandy’s partnerships with leading brands, including Illamasqua, Mac, Kryolan, Doll Beauty and B Perfect.

Hayley continues: “Our improved aftercare programme offers students whose studies were affected by the pandemic the practical experience they would usually have received on their courses. This includes a number of exciting opportunities featuring five-day short pro courses, retail discounts, and regular business support. We do our best to make improvements to give our students the best possible aftercare that we can.”

Aftercare strengthened GlamCandy
Inset, Rocio Lahoz, GlamCandy graduate.

Two students, Megan Reith and Sammi Rausch, who returned to GlamCandy to re-do their HNC course were thrilled with their decision as improvements had been made. Megan adds: “We are so happy we took the chance as our original experience was let down due to Covid. We’re so grateful to Hayley and the rest of the GlamCandy team for putting the effort they have into the course and acting on the feedback so quickly.

“We’re so excited to experience the rest of the course and for the opportunities that will be available to us afterwards.” Megan & Sammi, Fife College
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