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Amelia Leith On Modelling With GlamCandy GlamCandy

Amelia Leith On Modelling With GlamCandy

Amelia Leith (@ameliavleith) has modelled with GlamCandy for the last couple of years and sat down with us to speak about her experience so far. She started as a model during the pandemic and has featured in our Biker Themed shoot, Editorial style shoots and our most recent EarSaas shoot.

“Modelling for GlamCandy has been one of the most positive experiences I’ve came away with, especially during the pandemic. My favourite style to shoot would have to be the Editorial styled shoots based in Glasgow, I just love the vibes you get from the full day. The people from the academy are definitely what makes the day so special, they’re all so supportive and helpful.”

Besides from modelling, Amelia is also an actress and has recently just finished shooting for a sitcom series featured on BBC called “The Scotts”. They’ve just finished filming the second series which aired in November 2022, and hoping to find out in the New Year if they will be shooting a third. She also enjoys drawing portraits and singing as well!

Amelia Leith On Modelling With GlamCandy GlamCandy

“In 5 years time I would love to be further down in my acting and modelling career and hopefully be signed to a modelling agency. I would also like to be making a living from doing the things I enjoy, be able to afford my own place and own a little dachshund – then I’ll be living my best life!”

If she could meet any celebrity, it would have to be Dom Harrison from YungBlud due to him being a very humble person – what you see is what you get with him. We also asked Amelia if she could be like anyone, who would she like to be like:

“I would love to be like Steph Ferry (one of our tutors here at GlamCandy), because she’s just an absolute BOSS! Steph’s someone I can look up too as a woman and inspire to be like. If I could be anything like her, I would die very happy.”

We asked Amelia what she would like to be a part of with GlamCandy in the future:

“I would literally be open to anything you have in store. Steph Ferry done a look on me once and it was quite quirky and funky with bleached eyebrows and complete Space Girl vibes which I think would be quite cool. I would literally be down for anything fun and creative though!”

Amelia Leith On Modelling With GlamCandy GlamCandy

Finally, Amelia wanted to give some advice to anyone considering going down the modelling or acting route.

“Just do what makes you happy. If this is something that makes you happy and pushes you out your comfort zone then just go for it. I’ve been doing it for a while and even though I’m not signed to an agency it hasn’t stopped me going out and finding my own work. Theres literally nothing holding you back but yourself.”

Amelias 10 Quick Fire Questions:

  1. What’s your favourite cocktail? Pina colada or Amaretto Sour 
  2. What’s something you always travel with? Headphones
  3. What’s your guilty pleasure? My music taste
  4. Who was your first celebrity crush? Johnny Depp
  5. What’s one thing people don’t know about you? I am where I am today because I got kidnapped – I have a YouTube video on it…(@AmeliaLeith)
  6. What trend would you like to disappear forever? Wavy Brows
  7. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Teleportation 
  8. Describe yourself in a hashtag #Clown
  9. What’s one thing you still have from your childhood? Home  video of the day I was born
  10. Where would you want to live, beside where you are just now? New York

Would you like to model with us? We are always looking for models any age, size and gender. If this is something that would interest you, please send an email to

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