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GlamCandy's Makeup Tips GlamCandy

GlamCandy’s Makeup Tips

Here at GlamCandy we want to give you the best makeup tips suited for you.

Do you want to make your eyes appear bigger?
Here’s our best tips to achieve this!

Use the light to dark technique. Lighter shadows in the inner corner building your way out to dark shadows in the crease and outer corner. This will open up the eye. Another great technique for this is to apply a light coloured eyeliner in the waterline of the eye.

GlamCandy's Makeup Tips GlamCandy
Do you want a flawless base?
Here’s how to have filter looking skin!

Whether you like a natural base or a full coverage base you need to follow these steps.

First step, always, is primer. Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter will give you the perfect glow and keep your makeup on all day.

It is best to use cream products first and set them all in place. This includes your foundation, concealer, cream bronzer and cream blusher. Apply them in this order. Depending on the coverage you want you can add as much or as little as you like. Press these products into your skin, don’t rub, pressing the products into your skin will ensure the best coverage possible.

Once you have completed this use a translucent powder to set your concealer. Make sure there is no creasing under the eyes before you set. To do this, take a beauty sponge and bounce those lines away. Use a powder puff or small powder brush and press the powder under your eyes. This will create a flawless finish to your skin.

To finish off your base apply your powder bronzer and blush over your cream products. Use small amounts of product on a fluffy brush and blend into the skin using circular motions. This way you can build up your coverage and colour pigment without over doing it. Finally, add your highlighter on the high points of your face, adding that final glow and definition.

GlamCandy's Makeup Tips GlamCandy
Wanting fuller loking lips? We’ve got you.
Here’s how to achieve bigger lips without spending too much money!

Similar to the technique we used to achieve bigger looking eyes, you want to use contrasting shades, darker on the outside and lighter on the inside.

Line your lips with a darker colour than your lipstick. Fill the corners of your lips in with this and blend into the centre using a brush or your finger. Once you have done this, take your lighter lipstick and dab it into the middle of your lips. You want to use a dabbing technique to allow you to build the perfect contrast of colours.

Want to make them even more plump?

Add a clear gloss over the top to make them a focal point in your makeup look.

GlamCandy's Makeup Tips GlamCandy

We hope you love and follow our makeup tips! Stay tuned for more!

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