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Jodie Began Hertz Shoot – Student Success


GlamCandy lead tutor, Amanda McCarthy and HNC graduate, Jodie Began, worked on an outstanding photoshoot with global brand, Hertz.

Global car rental company, Hertz, organised a shoot to advertise their new Jaguar. Both Amanda and Jodie were thrilled to be able to work as lead makeup artists for the global campaign.

Jodie was ecstatic to be involved, as it was a brilliant opportunity to gain experience in a professional environment, helping her progress further in her HNC with GlamCandy.

Jodie Began Hertz Shoot - Student Success GlamCandy

Jodie’s original career goal wasn’t one as a makeup artist. Having always been academic, she initially studied Mental Health Nursing at university. However, in her first year realised it wasn’t for her.

Jodie knew she had to find her passion, and went on to study Beauty Therapy to become a qualified beauty therapist. She then continued her studies with GlamCandy, and knew becoming a makeup artist was her true calling.

Jodie said, “When I went for my interview at GlamCandy, I felt at home right away. All of my questions were answered and I was told about all the amazing opportunities that GlamCandy offers its students.

“The thought of working on set at photoshoots and building connections in the industry was really exciting. My favourite part of the course was the runway and editorial makeup lessons. I was able to push my creativity and try new things that I wouldn’t necessarily have tried before.

“The support and guidance I got from the lecturers was amazing. Each of them have such different skillsets and a wealth of knowledge between them that they are more than happy to share.”Jodie Began Hertz Shoot - Student Success GlamCandy

Throughout her studies at GlamCandy, Jodie has worked on Popstars the Musical, Outlaw King and St Andrews Fashion Show.

Jodie said, “I feel very lucky to have had so many opportunities in the short 6 months of the course. I feel like each one pushed me in a different direction, learning how fast-paced and diverse the industry is firsthand.

“The photoshoots are an amazing part of the course and I encourage any future students to take full advantage of them. They are your photoshoots and they can be whatever you want them to be. The more thought you put into your shoots the more you get out of them.”

Jodie Began Hertz Shoot - Student Success GlamCandy


Jodie’s biggest inspiration is nature itself, and believes to succeed in this industry you need to find inspiration outside of the world of social media. Jodie created the props for her photoshoots, including a crown made from heather, moss and crystals which she used in a bridal shoot.

Most recently, Jodie created a headpiece for her graded unit image using feathers and sprigs of heather, with added paper lashes for the main dramatic feature of her look.

Jodie Began Hertz Shoot - Student Success GlamCandy

Jodie said, “Now that I’ve graduated from GlamCandy, I will be studying Prosthetics and Makeup FX at Gorton Studios.

“I am also working as a makeup artist for an upcoming RSustainable Fashion show at The Jam House in Edinburgh, which will be my first professional job outside of GlamCandy.”


Jodie’s favourite product is the Illamasqua Sealing Gel due to its versatility, her most loved use was to create gold tears in one of her final looks.


Jodie Began Hertz Shoot - Student Success GlamCandy


Jodie said, “My time at GlamCandy has been nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait to see where I end up next.”


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