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Molly Cowan

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Molly has been in the industry for 4 years since September 2019. She started trialling doing makeup on clients about a year before, however feels her actual journey properly started professionally in the industry when she started her HNC. 
She started to really get into makeup when she was about 14, and was obsessed with watching makeup tutorials on youtube and practicing eye makeup on herself all the time. From then on, every birthday or Christmas she needed to have the new edition of the Naked Urban Decay palette! Her love for makeup grew throughout school so when she was about to leave after 6 years, she knew for sure that she wasn’t up for going to University as it just wasn’t for her. That was when she discovered Glamcandy’s HNC and just knew she really wanted to apply!
When she was roughly 16/17 years old she finally had the courage to create a makeup account on Instagram to post her looks and to eventually start taking clients on the side of her part time retail job. As soon as she left school in 6th year she was so excited to take her journey to the next level as she was starting the HNC in Fashion Makeup at the Aberdeen Glamcandy College (September 2019). Unfortunately, after graduating in March 2020, she wasn’t able to jump straight into a job as a 2 year lockdown happened. Despite this, she knew she wanted to be back at GlamCandy one way or another. Molly used lockdown to focus on improving my makeup skills, uploading on instagram and using her sister as a model as many times as she’d let her. She then moved to Glasgow in August 2021 and was lucky enough to secure a job with GlamCandy Glasgow in March 2022, meaning she could finally leave her retail job. Since then it has been a dream working with new people and many students, doing what she loves.
One of her favourite things about the job is working closely with her Aberdeen 4th year students. This will always be a special moment in her job as they are my first full time class with GlamCandy. Molly enjoys watching her students grow and seeing how much they have improved over the past few months. Outside of makeup she is a massive musical theatre fan, whether it is watching it or performing in it. A goal for 2023 is to get herself back into performing and take part in a musical again. Also, she will always love going out for dinner and trying out new restaurants, along with a cocktail night with her friends!
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