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Pros of becoming a makeup artist GlamCandy

Pros of becoming a makeup artist

First of all, what actually is a makeup artist? Your job as a makeup artist is to make your client look and feel their absolute best. This is done by using your knowledge of colour theory, application and techniques. As a makeup artist, it’s your job to makeover, transform or improve a persons face and/or body, by correcting imperfections and highlighting positive attributes. 

Pros of becoming a makeup artist GlamCandy
A typical Day as a makeup artist:

A typical day can include anything from consultations with clients to discuss their needs and wants, to attending castings and auditions. Applying makeup, touching up makeup and assisting with hair and wardrobe changes can be everything that is included in your day to day tasks.

What type of makeup artists are there? Let’s run through your options:
Beauty Consultant

Someone who works on a cosmetic counter that is full of knowledge and expertise on makeup, the brand and techniques. Beauty Consultants will assist customers on which products would work best on their skin to meet their needs. 


As the name suggest, you will be working closely with the bride and bridal party getting them sorted for their big day.


An editorial makeup artist is someone who works primarily in the fashion industry, on photoshoots, in catwalks, literally anything fashion related. 

Celebrity MUA

Again, this speaks for itself, you would be working first hand with celebrities getting them ready for events and/or photoshoots. 

Special Effects

If you were an SFX makeup artist, you would use your skills to create special effects in movies, TV or for performances in theatres and productions. You would create fake wounds, apply prosthetics and dive into the world of hair and wigs.


This is another common kind of makeup artist, working for yourself with a flexible schedule, you can be hired to work for any of the above as well as having your own clientele and being your own boss.

So, let’s talk about some of the benefits!

You can literally work anywhere in the world, you’re not restricted in this career at all, you create your own path and you have the power to say yes to whatever jobs your want. You can create a flexible schedule which works around you and your lifestyle, for example if you have children you can work hours that suit YOU. You also have the chance to build a strong portfolio which can open the doors to so many amazing opportunities, as well as creating amazing memories for yourself. You also have the flexibly of setting your own rates, charge how much you believe your work is worth.


You have the ability to make people feel so good about themselves every single day. Makeup is mainly used to boost peoples confidence and make people feel truly beautiful and you can help people feel exactly this. You also get to let your creative side run free, there’s not a day that goes by in the makeup industry where you’re not being creative, so express yourself. The beauty community is also extremely supportive, so don’t look at other makeup artists as your enemies, look at them as your friends. Regardless of your experience and knowledge, there will always be someone willing to help.

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