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Student Development Success

GlamCandy’s Student Development Director Claire Stead is vital in supporting our students preparation for future employment.

Claire’s role at GlamCandy is to support students through every stage of their course. Through giving professional industry advice and assisting them in gaining employment at the end of their studies, students are more successful than ever before.


GlamCandy HNC student, Ashleigh Kirk, recently gained permanent employment with The Body Shop as a Customer Consultant after eight years scouring the market.

Student Development Success GlamCandy

Prior to Ashleigh’s studies with GlamCandy, she hadn’t had a job in 8 years. Lack of accessible means to apply for employment and juggling childcare made this extremely difficult. Studying her HNC with GlamCandy meant Ashleigh was successful in securing a job in the beauty industry.


With the help of Claire and her in-class workshops, students are educated on the improvement of their CV’s, correctly answering interview questions and interview techniques to impress their prospective employer.

The workshops are especially beneficial to students through aiming to boost confidence in their abilities and motivation for gaining employment.

Learning how to carry yourself in interviews and professional environments is, to students, an especially important part of Claire’s workshops. Thanks to Claire’s effective role-playing techniques and her wealth of knowledge in the industry, GlamCandy students can walk into their jobs with courage and certainty.


Student Development Success GlamCandy

Ashleigh Kirk – Female Commercial Photoshoot

Ashleigh found the techniques taught in class especially beneficial during the long interview process with The Body Shop, consisting of a telephone interview and an in-person interview.

With the preparation and training Claire’s workshops gave her, when asked to interact with customers on the shop floor in her second stage interview, Ashleigh was able to tie her experiences in class to a professional working environment.

Student Development Success GlamCandy

Ashleigh Kirk – Male Commercial Photoshoot


Ashleigh said, “I would have never thought I was ever going to get the position before studying at GlamCandy.

“The help Claire and the tutors have given because of their background has really improved my confidence in going in for interviews.”


GlamCandy provides vital life skills to prepare students for employment within the beauty industry. We educate our students, not just with the essential knowledge of makeup application, but about the industry itself and working in a fast-paced environment.

Student Development Success GlamCandy

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