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How To Organise Your makeup Kit

Does your kit resemble something along the lines of chaotic and disorganised? Are you having the constant battle with your lifetime supply of lipsticks but also trying to keep your kit clutter free? GlamCandy are coming to your rescue, let’s organise your kit together!

Decanting, you’ve probably heard about it, now it’s time to get comfortable with it. Decanting your kit is the Holy Grail to makeup artists, it will be your best friend when it comes to keeping your kit decluttered and also lighter in weight. Purchase flat pack containers with different compartments so you can fill them up with your products, smaller bottles for your foundations and don’t forget a labeller. We can’t be forgetting what shades to recommend to your clients when they ask, can we?

When decanting, we highly recommend also purchasing a spatula, don’t waste time the job is already fiddly as it is, a spatula will help you scrape out the product and place it into the new home with ease. You can use this method with any cream-based product, bonus marks, it also helps keep your products as sanitised as possible and prevents cross contamination. 

So, you’ve decanted your kit, now you need to organise it. You want to be able to open you kit and see exactly what you’re working with. First, you need a kit bag, there’s plenty out there. We highly recommend getting one with separators or drawers so you can collect all similar products together and keep them in the one place. Collect all your lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners and so on together, put them in the same compartment and don’t forget if you have decanted your kit to make sure the labels are visible. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later.

How To Organise Your makeup Kit GlamCandy

You might be asking yourself, GlamCandy, do I even need an organised kit? The answer is YES. Organising your kit will save you so much time when working on a client, you’ll know where the products are that you’re looking for and can also limit double purchases as well as letting you know when a product is about to run out. We all know the feeling of going to use your favourite lipstick to suddenly remember its ran out as you take the lid off it…let’s leave the heartbreak for other things in your life. By organising as well it protects and prevents any damage to your products, allowing you to take full advantage of every last drop.

How To Organise Your makeup Kit GlamCandy

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