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Kayla Bremner @ Color Salon – Graduate Success

HNC graduate Kayla Bremner breaks her way into the industry as a makeup artist and brow technician in Dunfermline salon, Color.

Kayla Bremner @ Color Salon - Graduate Success GlamCandy

Kayla’s Male Commercial Photoshoot

Kayla’s passion for makeup began when she started applying makeup on herself and her sister at a young age. Growing up watching the likes of Jamie Genevieve and MMMitchell become successful Instagram and YouTube influencers – she discovered her passion to follow in their footsteps.

With a qualification as an eyebrow technician under her belt, Kayla subsequently began studying with GlamCandy. Throughout the duration of her course, Kayla gained the confidence and skills to start applying for positions in the makeup industry.

Kayla said, “It’s important for makeup artists to have more than one core skill to succeed in the industry and be an all-rounder.”

Kayla Bremner @ Color Salon - Graduate Success GlamCandy

Kayla’s Female Commercial Photoshoot

The interview process for Color involved performing an informal interview, two clients’ makeup and two eyebrow waxes. Kayla was ecstatic to find out she had been selected to join the Colours team as she had just graduated from her HNC, managing to secure employment in the industry so quickly was impressive.

How did studying at GlamCandy help you gain employment in the industry?

Kayla said, “Having a qualification in makeup with GlamCandy is incredibly reputable and the course was immensely informative. The tutors gave you the utmost care and support when practicing and learning theory work.

Claire Stead (GlamCandy’s Student Development Director), taught us interview skills, how to improve your CV and role-play classes about being in interview situations. This is invaluable experience as Claire has been in the industry for years and can give honest and critical advice.”

What is the most important skill you learned at GlamCandy?

“Studying with GlamCandy has not only helped with my makeup skills, but it has also helped me to gain confidence. I feel like I’ve come on in leaps and bounds and improved on all aspects of my life.

“I also can’t describe how GlamCandy has helped me master the art of blending! Since there are so many different tutors and students, I learned so many different techniques and styles of makeup, all over just a 6 month period!”

Kayla Bremner @ Color Salon - Graduate Success GlamCandy

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