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Glasgow Students Meet MUA Stacey Marie

GlamCandy Glasgow students lined up to get their palettes signed by cult MUA Stacey Marie at her meet and greet on Friday, held in the new BPerfect Megastore. The event saw makeup enthusiasts young and old marvel over meeting the artist in person, professing their admiration for her and the inspiration she has become for them.Glasgow Students Meet MUA Stacey Marie GlamCandy

The beauty guru has stunned followers with her vibrant, creative looks for a number of years. In 2018, her first collaboration with BPerfect Cosmetics for the Carnival Palette took the makeup artistry world by storm, becoming a staple in both the kits of makeup artists and makeup lovers alike. The palette bagged her the 2019 Stellar Beauty Heroes Best Eyeshadow Palette award due to the incredible quality and popularity of the product, as well as a few hundred thousand more followers to boot!

Glasgow Students Meet MUA Stacey Marie GlamCandyHer innovative, bright colours have inspired many to step out of their comfort zones and try something different from the familiar neutral glam we all know so well. In 2019, she released the Carnival XL Pro palette and in 2020, her sell out Carnival III Love Tahiti collection. To complete your colour-filled Stacey Marie look, she also sells a range of lipglosses, highlighters and lashes via the BPerfect website.

Her meet and greet was organised to promote the release of her newest palette, Carnival IV – The Antidote, filled with warm Autumnal tones perfect for creating the ultimate moody, smokey eye look. In addition to The Glasgow Students Meet MUA Stacey Marie GlamCandyAntidote collection, she has also released a range of metallic liquid eyeshadows to ‘up The Antidote’.

At GlamCandy, students have been introduced from the beginning of their courses to the wonders of the Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro palette that is included in their kits. Amongst the crowd, our students anxiously awaited their moment to chat to the artist – from 10-year-old makeup enthusiasts to budding pro MUAs, the atmosphere was that of meeting a celebrity for the first time.

Stacey Marie sat at the back of the store, surrounded by balloons and neon lights in an oversized white hoodie – a choice she loudly exclaimed was a bad idea due to the smears of foundation from hugging her fans. With her hair scraped back into a sleek bun with minimal makeup, far from the usual rainbow-faced looks seen on her Instagram, she looked effortlessly glamorous and was just as giddy to meet her supporters as they were.

Glasgow Students Meet MUA Stacey Marie GlamCandyShe chatted to each person that approached her, asking about their lives and listening intently to their answers whilst she signed their palettes. She exclaimed at the incredible talent of each attendee and complimented their looks specially created for the occasion, even drawing some fans to tears with their mutual admiration for the art of makeup. GlamCandy students proudly returned to show off their signed palette mirrors, beaming with pride at meeting such an influential makeup artist in the flesh.

Meeting MUAs such as Stacey Marie can be incredibly beneficial to aspiring artists, not only because they are meeting an idol of theirs, but because it proves that they are able to communicate with those who inspire them. Glasgow Students Meet MUA Stacey Marie GlamCandy

It proves that the position makeup artists such as Stacey Marie, who built their careers from the bottom, is attainable for them also. Working as a professional MUA to the stars and collaborating with some of the most iconic brands is a possibility if you put the work in – and Stacey Marie is a incredible example of this.

For more opportunities such as this, consider studying with us at GlamCandy. More information about our HNC Fashion Makeup course can be found here.

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